RPG Research Catalog

The Research & Planning Group is a full-service qualitative and quantitative marketing research firm based in St. Louis, MO. We can handle projects of all shapes and sizes, anywhere in the world.

This catalog of services offers a look into our research philosophies and the various methodologies we can use to help you find out the information that you need to support your decisions. Of course, this catalog is by no means comprehensive; if you have a research project you'd like to conduct, contact us and we'll be happy to assess if it's within our realm of expertise.

This catalog comes in two flavors: our printed edition (available right here as a PDF) and our online edition below. If you'd like a printed paper copy, let us know and we will send you one via mail.

Also, should you ever have any questions about research, please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail. We're here to be a resource to you, and we're always happy to share our advice, insight and experience to help answer the questions you might have!

We look forward to hearing from you.


David Rich and Sean Jordan

Download a PDF copy of the catalog here.

Table of Contents

1. The Reason For Research

2. Designing a Research Study

3. The Six-Step System

4. How Large Should My Sample Be?

5. What Kind of Research Do I Need?

6. In-Depth Interviews

7. Focus Groups

8. Small Groups

9. Concept Testing

10. Emotions Research

11. Mystery Shopping

12. Taking Research Online

13. Quantitative Studies

14. Satisfaction Studies

15. Diagnostic Research

16. Market Segmentation Studies

17. Gap Analysis Studies

18. Perceptual Mapping Studies

19. About the Research & Planning Group


A PDF version of this catalog can be downloaded by clicking on this link.