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The Reason For Research

Pretend for a moment that you’re about to buy a new refrigerator for your home. Should you choose, on a whim, to rush out and buy the first refrigerator you find that meets your basic criteria (such as price, color, or size), you’ll run the risk of buying a refrigerator that might make you unhappy in other ways. Perhaps it won’t include a cold water dispenser, or perhaps it won’t have an automatic ice maker, or perhaps the freezer that pulls out like a drawer will start to drive you crazy whenever you have to bend over to get out a frozen pizza for a late night snack.

One way that you can minimize this risk is to start what’s known as an “information search.” You can begin by looking on the Web or in magazines like Consumer Reports for the
experiences and opinions that others have already expressed. This is known as “secondary research,” and simply by taking the time to do it, you will find yourself approaching your purchasing decision better informed, better able to identify the refrigerator you want, and better able to avoid models that have design flaws or features you won’t need.

If secondary research doesn’t provide enough information, you can conduct the research yourself by going to retailers who sell refrigerators, examining each model carefully, talking to the salespeople, and evaluating the available models by your own criteria. This “primary research” will require a greater investment on your part, but it will help you to be more certain that you have made the right choice. And though some risk may still exist in the decision process, it will be minimized by the research you’ve done.

Business decisions are often about issues that, like your refrigerator, require a significant investment and have a long-lasting impact on your organization. You can make those decisions with the information you already have, but in doing so, you may open yourself up to greater risks. Secondary research may help you to see what others have done in a similar situation. And primary research will help you to understand the implications of your decision where your own customers, channel partners, employees and stakeholders are

The Research & Planning Group is a full-service marketing research firm specializing in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. We are experts in designing studies that will help you get the data you need to make informed decisions for your organization.

This catalog of our services will help you to learn about the many ways in which your organization can conduct primary research to support decision-making. It will also show you how marketing research can be a powerful investment in your future success… and how you can apply cutting-edge methodologies to snatch meaningful answers to your management problems out of the constant chatter going on all around us.

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