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Research Round-Up / Did You Know?

by Sean J. Jordan
The Research & Planning Report, March 2011

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Online encyclopedia Wikipedia celebrated its 10th anniversary in January. 42% of all American adults use Wikipedia to look for information.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to use Wikipedia; 62% of internet users younger than 30 are likely to use the free encyclopedia, compared to only half of those in the 30-64 age brackets.

While Wikipedia is a popular way to pass the time online, it’s still less popular than using social networks or watching videos on sites like Youtube.

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project

Johnny Depp was America’s favorite movie star in 2010, according to a January report from the Harris Poll, taking the top spot from 2009’s favorite, Clint Eastwood (who’s ranked #9 for 2010).

Denzel Washington (ranked #2) was most popular among men, folks aged 34-64, and everyone aside from the west coast. People aged 65 and above tended to prefer John Wayne (ranked #3).

Angelina Jolie (ranked #5), Julia Roberts (tied for #6) and Sandra Bullock (ranked #10) were the highest-ranked actresses on the list.

Source: The Harris Poll


The holiday season in 2010 was a happy one for retailers - between the months of November and December, the National Retail Federation reports that sales sat around $462 billion, a 5.7% increase over 2009.

The Apple iPad and the Microsoft Kinect were two of the big ticket sellers this year, but one of the biggest winners was the eBook readers category.

Both Amazon’s Kindle 3 and Barnes & Noble’s NOOKColor sold like crazy during the holiday season, and while sales numbers have not yet been released, both retailers are claiming that their respective devices are their bestselling item of all time.

Source: National Retail Federation


One group that would seem to benefit the most from eBooks would be college students. And yet they’re not ready for the shift yet.

OnCampusResearch reported in May, 2010 that 74% of college students still prefer to use a printed text when taking a class, and only half would consider using a digital text if it were available.

Three in four students who had purchased a digital text had read it via a laptop or a netbook.

Source: OnCampusResearch.org


Four out of five adults in the U.S. need to work on their diet, a December report from the NPD Group says. The older you are, the more likely you are to eat well; those aged 21 to 54 have far worse diets than those 55 and above.

NPD reports that almost everyone knows what healthy eating is, but younger adults have diets deficient in fruits, vegetables and dairy products and high in fat and calories.

Younger generations rank taste and price/value as important attributes in deciding what to eat and drink. Only 40% of adults rank the nutritional values of foods as a top priority. RPR

Source: The NPD Group


Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, texting, or one of the thousands of up-and-comers on the Web... social media has changed the way the world is communicating!

Did you know the following?

82% of American adults are cell phone users, and 72% of adult cell phone users send and receive text messages. (Source)

Adults send and receive a median number of 10 texts per day. Teenagers aged 12-17, on the other hand, send and receive a median number of 50 texts per day. (Source)

79% of American adults are Internet users. 61% of these users are members of a social network. (Source)

There are over 150 million Facebook user accounts in the US, and over 500 million worldwide. (Source)

8% of American adults who use the Internet are Twitter users, but only 2% use the site on a typical day. (Source)

Twitter users tend to be young and urban, and the service is much more popular among African-Americans and Latinos than Caucasians. (Source)

72% of Twitter users have used the site to share personal information. 55% share links to news stories. 54% post humorous or philosophical observations. (Source)

2 billion videos are watched per day on Youtube. 2 billion more are viewed on Facebook each month. (Source)