The Research & Planning Group specializes in healthcare research. Whether you need physician interviews, patient focus groups or survey research with consumers, we are experienced healthcare industry researchers and know what it takes to conduct the research properly.

Hospital System Research

The Research & Planning Group has worked with many regional and national healthcare systems around the world in conducting both internal and external research, both of a qualitative and quantitative nature. We speak the language of hospitals and we are able to custom-design studies to meet any healthcare organization's specifc needs.

Organ Procurement Organization Research

The Research & Planning Group has worked with a number of Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) throughout the country, and we are extremely familiar with the organ and tissue donation process and with many of the specific issues that OPOs experience. We also regularly publish white papers and articles about the OPO industry highlighting new trends and information we have uncovered. You can read more about our OPO research at


Of course, that’s not all we do at the Research & Planning Group. If you’d like to view a complete catalog of our services, we have one available! You can read the online version here, or you can download a printable PDF version here.