Would you like to learn more about research? Are you interested in hearing what current data has to say about healthcare, or generational attitudes, or some other topic of interest? The Research & Planning Group can help!

Provided below are links to some of our free presentations on current topics from the field of research. And we are also willing to come to you and deliver these presentations in person through one of our free Lunch and Learn seminars!

Lunch and Learn

We offer three Lunch and Learn seminars:

Meet the Millenials: Who are the millenials, and why are they so different from Baby Boomers and Generation Xers? What is a digital native, and why does this term have an important bearing on the future of marketing? How does social media play a role in connecting with this generation? All of these questions and more are answered in this fun-filled, hour-long presentation!

The Truth About Social Media: In this era of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, there's a lot of buzz about what social media can do for organizations. But there are also many misnormers about what social media actually is and what its capabilities are. Learn what current research says about social media and explore some possibilities for how it can be used effectively (and how some common pitfalls can be avoided) in this exciting hour-long presentation!

DIY Research: While it's true that a lot of marketing research is best left to the professionals, there are three types of research that we wholeheartedly recommend trying on your own. In this hour-long session, we'll teach you the basics of these three techniques and explain how you can apply them to generate some valuable information for you organization... all for a do-it-yourself price!

If you would like to schedule The Research & Planning Group to conduct a Lunch and Learn seminar, please contact Sean Jordan at (314) 962-0083 x102.


Slide Shows

We host a number of neat presentations on our blog at Here are a few of our favorites:




Surprising Statistics: The Old College Try

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